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We believe one of the most rewarding sights to see in this organization is to see an animal with it’s new adoptive family. That image is what motivates us to continue doing our work and to expand our group. To anyone interested in becoming an adoptive parent, the adoption process is fairly simple. It all starts with an adoption application which goes over information about: living situations, home location, past animals, past veterinarians. We use this information to make sure the animal is going to the proper home for its individual needs. This ensures that the animal and the new adoptive home will be happy and comfortable. After the application, an adoption fee is paid. ($75 for cats, $150 for dogs) The adoption fee is used to compensate for the investment placed into the animals care while in our system. Everything is then finalized with an adoption agreement, which states that we agree to relinquish the animal into your care and you agree to care for the animal. At that point you are welcome to take the animal into your own home. A two week trial period is activated from the moment of the adoption; if the animal has any problem in the home, the adoptive family is welcome to bring it back for either a full refund or another animal to tryout.

Adoptions are what we are all about. It is the completion of any of our animals’ process through our system. At that point, the animal has come into our system, been given every bit of care necessary for it, and temporarily lived within a nurturing foster home. It is lovely to have the animal be in that new home where it is the center of attention and can now have a home to fit just around it. Our adoptions truly are what we work towards.

 If you have trouble submitting your app, please put NA in the 2nd address section.. 

Adoption Application

This form is made to give us a gist of who you are. We gain this information to ensure that you and the pet that you are interested in will make a perfect match. This form will be emailed to the volunteer in charge of the animal that you are interested in, so your information will be protected. If you are not interested in a particular animal but still wish to adopt from our system, feel free to fill out your information to make a later adoption run much smoother. Thank you!

First Name: *
Last Name: *
Address Street 1 *
Address Street 2:
City *
Zip Code * (5 digits)
State *
How long have you lived at this address?:
Daytime Phone *
Evening Phone:
Currently Employed? (If yes, name of employer?)*
Name of Pet Desired:
Breed of Pet Desired:
Housing Location: *
If Rental, Are Pets Allowed?: *
Manager/Landlord Name:
Manager/Landlord Ph. Number:
Type of Street *
Is there a fenced area on the property; dimensions?*
Where will the pet live? *
Where will the pet spend nights? *
Will You allow pet to run loose? If yes, where?:
How many hours per day will the animal remain alone? *
Describe the activity level in your home *
Under what circumstances would you return the pet to us? *
Are you willing and able to pay the costs of caring for your new pet? This includes: Food, grooming, veterinary expenses (heartworm and flea & tick prevention, etc, boarding, etc.) *
Do you consider your pet a part of the family?:
List all pets/breeds that you have owned in the past five years. What veterinary work have they received? *
Current Veterinary Clinic:
Current Veterinary Clinic Ph. Number:
Name/Number/Relationship of personal reference #1*
Name/Number/Relationship of personal reference #2*
Additional Questions or Comments

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