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Volunteers are always necessary and usually low in supply. Volunteers are given tasks that are comfortable with them. These tasks vary greatly. Examples would be: transporting animals back and forth to foster homes, adoption events, and veterinary clinics, helping at veterinary offices by attending to animals, going to foster homes to help by feeding/watering them or just interacting with the ones who need human contact and to build upon human relationships, helping clean cages at our cat adoption facility, or watching animals at our adoption events. We try our best to get each person doing something that he or she enjoys and feels comfortable doing. If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the form below.


Almost every animal in our group is placed in a foster home. Aside from the few cats that we can keep in our cat adoption facility, foster homes are the only place that we can keep our animals. That is why foster homes are so vital. Most of our foster homes only house about one or two animals at once; we wish for no home to be overwhelmed. For those interested in becoming foster parents, the fostering process begins with just a bit of information about your home and past animals so that we can know the home where the animal will be cared for. The foster parent(s) must provide the food and shelter for the animal and also get it to the adoption events. The organization pays for all medical work for the animal, but we do ask that the foster parent(s) please get the animal to us when we need to provide any medical work.

Volunteer Application

If you are interested in fostering, please feel free to submit this form with your contact information. It will be immediately sent to a volunteer that will help set you up with what you are most comfortable doing. If you notice that there is more than one activity that you would be interested in, please note that in "Comments or Questions". Thank you!

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