Caring for Pets, Caring for People

 A 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization 

About Us

Nonprofit Animal Rescue Organization

Located throughout Stanly County in North Carolina we were established June 20th, 2005. Our humane society is comprised of hardworking volunteers, generous donations and an amazing devotion to helping animals.

Dedicated To Our Mission

Our mission is to eliminate the number of animals being abused, neglected, mistreated, abandoned and euthanized. We have this within our sights and work hard every day to finally achieve it.

Saving Animals Without Hope

We work to rescue animals from our local animal control, homes that can no longer care for their pets and other organizations that need our help. We take these animals into our system and give them every bit of care they need alongside with any medical needs.

By the time these animals are adoptable they have had all vaccinations, heartworm tests, appropriate treatments, spaying / neutering and microchipping (cats & dogs). After all care is complete, we place each animal into a new, loving home.

Promoting The Humane Treatment Of Animals

We succeed in our mission by consistently reaching out and educating the general public about animal rights and what we do. Knowing that we can always help our community learn more is a reminder of just how important our job is.

Your Help Is Vital For Us To Succeed

We are constantly in need of volunteers and donations to help us succeed with our mission. We work hard to partner with and gain great relationships. Our community’s devotion to the lives of animals is truly what keeps us going.

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