You Are Truly What Keeps Us Going

Lend A Hand


Volunteers are always necessary and usually in low supply. Volunteers are given tasks, that can vary greatly, but which they are comfortable with.

Examples would be: transporting animals back and forth to foster homes, adoption events and veterinary clinics, helping at veterinary offices, going to foster homes to help with feeding and watering or just interacting with the ones who need human contact.

Volunteers help clean cages at our adoption facility and watch animals at our adoption events. We try our best to ensure that everyone is doing something that they feel comfortable doing. If you are interested in volunteering, please complete the application form below.


Some of our cats can be accommodated at our cat adoption facility but almost all other animals in our group are placed in a foster home prior to being adopted. This is why foster homes and your help is so vital.

Most of our foster homes only house 1 or 2 animals at a time as we do not wish to overwhelm you. For those interested in becoming foster parents the fostering process begins with us learning a little about your home and the animals that you have cared for in the past.

Foster parents are asked to provide food and shelter for their animal and transport, as needed, to adoption events or for medical work. Stanly County Humane Society pays for all medical work given to the animal. If you are interested in fostering, please complete the application form below.

Volunteer Application

The volunteer application form below helps guide us as to what you are most comfortable doing. The information entered will be communicated to a volunteer who will help set you up. Your privacy is very important to us and your information will be protected.

If there are other activities that you would be interested in volunteering for, please note them within the comments section below.

Thank you!

Your Help Is Vital For Us To Succeed

We are constantly in need of volunteers and donations to help us succeed with our mission. We work hard to partner with and gain great relationships. Our community’s devotion to the lives of animals is truly what keeps us going.

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